My passion is making things. Photography, cooking, and a little carpentry. Design and aesthetic is in my DNA. If I wasn't a DOP I would have pursued a career as either an architect, landscape designer, or builder. My interest in photography began at York University where I discovered a strong affinity for the camera. Being technically adept and liking to work with my hands, the camera offered me the perfect blend of hands on technical satisfaction and aesthetic creation. 

At the same time, I express a strong sense of entrepreneurship motivated to be in business for myself. I combine my entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for image making which gives me a rare balance of strategic thinking and creative output. As an artist, my goal is to constantly strive to do better, more meaningful work and cultivate meaningful relationships. As an entrepreneur, I command professionalism and hold high standards for myself, crew, and the people I work with. I strive toward delivering a smooth, efficient and trouble free experience on set.  

After graduating university, I began my career working as a lighting technician where I spent a decade working in all circles of production from motion pictures, movies of the week (MOW), television series, and commercials. It wasn't until I worked in commercial production where I realized the need for creative problem solving. My background has served me well by giving me the capacity to organize and manage large scale productions and logistics. Today, I use these skills to collaborate with directors, creative directors, and producers, to help them optimize their production goals and most importantly, realize their vision.

I live in Toronto with my wife and dog. I don't like routine and prefer the uncertainty of what's coming next because the most rewarding careers and relationships are the ones that have the power to surprise.